*FREE SECOND OPINION (details at the bottom of the page)* 

What are your main concerns as a customer when your equipment needs repair?

   How long is it going to take, and how much is it going to cost?

With FLAT RATEYou know the price that you are expected to pay before you agree to pay it.

Not having to worry about calculating and negotiating costs, our service technician can concentrate fully on his specialty - your air conditioning and heating system.


You get the best, most efficient work at a competitive price.

And since the flat-rate is a guarantee for that job, if anything goes wrong, we will keep coming back until  your problem is fully resolved.

For all service calls, we charge a $120+tax diagnostic fee.

This assures that you receive service on-time, within a reasonable time frame, and from an expertly trained technician. The technician will inspect your entire system, do any necessary tests, and determine exactly what its problem is caused by, and how it can be fixed.  No matter how long that takes him, you only pay the flat $120+tax.

Our technician will quote you (not estimate!) exactly how much it will cost to repair your system.

We give all pricing before any work is done. If you have the repairs done, we will waive the diagnostic charge.

If you do not wish to have the repairs done, then you are only responsible for the $120+tax.  That's it!

Free second opinion:    To receive your free second opinion you must have a copy of the first opinion in writing by another licensed contractor, not neighbor or a handy man, and you must present it  to our technician when he arrives at your home or business.  Our tech will then thoroughly diagnose and estimate whatever issue you are having at no charge to you whatsoever. This does not include materials or labor to repair or replace and cannot be used to discount any service.